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Life Hacks for Busy Dog Owners: Making Time for Your Pup

Introduction: Balancing a busy schedule with the needs of your furry friend can be challenging, but with a few clever hacks, you can ensure your dog gets the attention and care they deserve. In this post, we’ll explore some time-saving tricks for busy dog owners.

  1. Combine Exercise with Daily Tasks: Incorporate your dog into your daily exercise routine. Take them for a jog or brisk walk while you listen to a podcast or catch up on phone calls. This way, you both stay active, and your dog gets the exercise they need.
  2. Interactive Toys and Puzzles: Keep your dog mentally stimulated with interactive toys and puzzle feeders. These engage their minds and provide entertainment, helping to alleviate boredom, especially when you’re away.
  3. Meal Prep for Your Pup: Prepare your dog’s meals in advance and portion them into containers. This not only saves time during the week but also ensures your dog receives a consistent and balanced diet.
  4. Doggy Daycare or Dog Walker: If your schedule is particularly hectic, consider enlisting the help of a dog walker or enrolling your pup in doggy daycare. This ensures they receive the social interaction and exercise they need, even when you’re busy.
  5. Tech for Pet Monitoring: Invest in pet monitoring technology. From smart cameras to interactive toys controlled via mobile apps, these tools allow you to check in on your dog and even engage with them remotely during the day.

Conclusion: By incorporating these time-saving hacks into your routine, you can maintain a strong bond with your dog even during busy periods. Remember, quality time is what matters most, and these tricks can help make every moment count.

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Alojamiento y Guardería
  • Tendrás que traer tu comida y tu cama.
  • Si tu cachorro tiene una rutina especial, háznoslo saber. Nos encanta que se sientan como en casa.
  • Alojamiento: 40$ por noche (24 horas)
  • Guardería: 40$ Día completo
Limpieza Dental (Sin Anestesia)

Las limpiezas dentales previenen enfermedades dentales.

La enfermedad periodontal es una acumulación de bacterias malas en la boca. Provoca traumatismos en las encías, los huesos y la estructura del diente. Para prevenir esto, tu mascota debe tener su rutina de limpieza dental cada dos años.

Proceso Holístico

No utilizamos anestesia ni sedantes para este procedimiento. Utilizamos técnicas calmantes para mantener a su mascota segura y tranquila.

Precios: $100 - $250
Servicio de Pick up & DropOff

Condado de Broward $30

  • Pequeño $50
  • Mediano $55
  • Grande $85


  • Baño (champú + acondicionador).
  • Limpieza de oídos.
  • Corte de uñas.
  • Glandula anal.
  • Privados.
  • Huellitas.
  • Perfume.
  • Pequeño $55
  • Mediano $60
  • Grande $90


  • Baño (champú + acondicionador)
  • Corte de pelo.
  • Cepillado de dientes.
  • Limpieza de oídos.
  • Corte de uñas.
  • Glandula anal.
  • Privados
  • Huellitas.
  • Perfume.
  • Small $50
  • Medium $55
  • Large $85


  • Bath (shampoo + conditioner)
  • Cleaning the ears.
  • Nail cut.
  • Gland Expression.
  • Rauding the paws.
  • Sanitary.

  • Small $55
  • Medium $60
  • Large $90


  • Bath (shampoo + conditioner)
  • Hair cut.
  • Teeth Brushing.
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Nail trimming.
  • Gland Expression.
  • Rauding the paws.
  • Sanitary.
Pick up & DropOff

Broward county $30

Dental Cleaning (Non-Anesthetic)
This is a healthy and safe alternative.

Dental cleanings prevent dental disease

Periodontal disease is an accumulation of bad bacteria in the mouth. It causes trauma to gums, bone and the structure of te tooth. To prevent this, your pet should have their biannual dental cleaning routine.

Holistic Process

We do not use anesthesia or sedatives for this procedure. We use calming techniques to keep your pet safe and calm.

Price: $100 - $250
Boarding & Daycare
  • You will have to bing your food and bed.
  • If your puppy has a special routine, let us know. We love that they fell at home.
  • Boarding: 40$ per night (24 hours)
  • Daycare: 40$ Full day