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Mastering the Basics: Essential Tips for New Dog Owners

Introduction: Bringing a new dog into your home is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it comes with responsibilities. In this blog post, we’ll cover some essential tips for new dog owners to ensure a smooth transition and a happy life for both you and your furry friend.

  1. Establish a Routine: Dogs thrive on routine. Set a consistent schedule for feeding, walks, playtime, and bathroom breaks. Predictability provides a sense of security for your dog, making them more comfortable and well-behaved.
  2. Positive Reinforcement Training: Use positive reinforcement techniques to train your dog. Reward good behavior with treats, praise, or playtime. This approach builds a strong bond between you and your dog while making the learning process enjoyable.
  3. Socialization is Key: Introduce your dog to various people, environments, and other dogs early on. Proper socialization helps prevent behavioral issues and ensures your dog grows up to be a well-adjusted and friendly companion.
  4. Create a Safe Space: Dogs appreciate having a designated area where they can retreat and feel safe. Provide a comfortable bed or crate in a quiet corner, allowing your dog to relax and unwind when needed.
  5. Regular Vet Check-ups: Schedule regular veterinary visits for vaccinations, preventive care, and health assessments. Early detection of potential issues can lead to prompt treatment and a longer, healthier life for your dog.

Conclusion: By focusing on routine, positive training, socialization, creating a safe space, and regular vet check-ups, you’ll set the foundation for a happy and harmonious life with your new canine companion.

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Alojamiento y Guardería
  • Tendrás que traer tu comida y tu cama.
  • Si tu cachorro tiene una rutina especial, háznoslo saber. Nos encanta que se sientan como en casa.
  • Alojamiento: 40$ por noche (24 horas)
  • Guardería: 40$ Día completo
Limpieza Dental (Sin Anestesia)

Las limpiezas dentales previenen enfermedades dentales.

La enfermedad periodontal es una acumulación de bacterias malas en la boca. Provoca traumatismos en las encías, los huesos y la estructura del diente. Para prevenir esto, tu mascota debe tener su rutina de limpieza dental cada dos años.

Proceso Holístico

No utilizamos anestesia ni sedantes para este procedimiento. Utilizamos técnicas calmantes para mantener a su mascota segura y tranquila.

Precios: $100 - $250
Servicio de Pick up & DropOff

Condado de Broward $30

  • Pequeño $50
  • Mediano $55
  • Grande $85


  • Baño (champú + acondicionador).
  • Limpieza de oídos.
  • Corte de uñas.
  • Glandula anal.
  • Privados.
  • Huellitas.
  • Perfume.
  • Pequeño $55
  • Mediano $60
  • Grande $90


  • Baño (champú + acondicionador)
  • Corte de pelo.
  • Cepillado de dientes.
  • Limpieza de oídos.
  • Corte de uñas.
  • Glandula anal.
  • Privados
  • Huellitas.
  • Perfume.
  • Small $50
  • Medium $55
  • Large $85


  • Bath (shampoo + conditioner)
  • Cleaning the ears.
  • Nail cut.
  • Gland Expression.
  • Rauding the paws.
  • Sanitary.

  • Small $55
  • Medium $60
  • Large $90


  • Bath (shampoo + conditioner)
  • Hair cut.
  • Teeth Brushing.
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Nail trimming.
  • Gland Expression.
  • Rauding the paws.
  • Sanitary.
Pick up & DropOff

Broward county $30

Dental Cleaning (Non-Anesthetic)
This is a healthy and safe alternative.

Dental cleanings prevent dental disease

Periodontal disease is an accumulation of bad bacteria in the mouth. It causes trauma to gums, bone and the structure of te tooth. To prevent this, your pet should have their biannual dental cleaning routine.

Holistic Process

We do not use anesthesia or sedatives for this procedure. We use calming techniques to keep your pet safe and calm.

Price: $100 - $250
Boarding & Daycare
  • You will have to bing your food and bed.
  • If your puppy has a special routine, let us know. We love that they fell at home.
  • Boarding: 40$ per night (24 hours)
  • Daycare: 40$ Full day